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LR 2045-S - Bench Top AC Mains Operated 4 1/2 Digit Micro-Ohm Meter Suitable For Inductive Load
Back-Emf Protection
Specially designed with safety concerns
USB Interfacing with .Net based application Software
Pulse mode operation, for protecting heat sensitive devices
Stable readings on resistive as well as inductive loads One Man Operable & Portable
Comparative price
The Motwane LR 2045-S is a 4 ½ digital micro-ohm-meter, capable of measuring low resistance with 1micro-ohm resolution. It employs the proven 4-wire (4W) measurement where fixed DC current is supplied to DUT and voltage drop across the DUT is measured and displayed as proportional resistance reading. The meter is able to deliver guaranteed stable readings on inductive as well as resistive loads.
Heat Run Test
4 ½ Large and Clear Display
Accurate & Stable Readings
4 Wire Measurement Method
Highly Rugged Industrial Graded Casing
Sealed Soft Touch Membrane Keypad
USB interfacing with specific .Net based application software providing-                                                 1.Time Vs Resistance graph.                                                                                                                      2.Temperature rise measurement in windings.                                                                                    3.Length, Area and specific resistivity measurement with one unkown parameter.                            4.Device operation via operation panel in software.                                                                               5.View past measured readings.                                                                                                  6.Automatic and continuous resistance measurement in every 10 sec.                                                 7.Secure and authorised login.
Test leads with GP kelvin clip (3mtrs) : 1Set
User manual : 1No.
Input protection fuse (1A) : 1No.
Mains protected fuse (250mA) : 1No.
Calibration certificate : 1No.
Mains cord three pin : 1No.
Test leads with heavy duty GP kelvin clip.(10mtrs)
Carrying bag : 1No.
Software CD : 1No.
USB interfacing cable : 1No.
Heavy duty bond testing probe assembly. (10mtrs)
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