Contact Resistance Meter

The contact resistance test measures the resistance of electrical contacts of circuit breaker ,isolators& bus bar. It measures the resistance at the micro- or milli-ohm level and is used primarily to verify that electrical connections are proper. It helps to detect loose connections ,eroded contact surfaces, contaminated or corroded contacts. It is important for contacts that carry large amounts of current as higher contact resistance leads to higher losses I2R and lower current carrying capacity.

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The Motwane LR 2045-S is a digital micro-ohm-meter, capable of measuring winding resistance of motors, generators, alternators & transformers. Resistance mesurement of cabels, wires & inductive components. It employs the proven 4-wire (4W) measurement and performs low resistance measurements from 1µΩ to 2000Ω , having six ranges with test currents from 100µA to 1A. It provides protection against back EMF during inductive measurement and Heat run Test.

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LR 201

3 1/2 Digit LCD display with resolution of 1 mΩ on 2Ω range. LR 201 is Battery operated and has Ratiometric Measurements, gold plated terminals for low thermal effect, fully protected against reversal of battery polarity and over loads. 'PUSH TO READ' Switch for additional safety.

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