The High voltage Detector HV-50P is a safety device used to verify that the overhead line is not LIVE prior to earthing . It is designed for 230V to 33kV AC 50 Hz overhead lines in HV switch yards, distribution lines, power plants and similar installations. It is powered by a single 9V battery. The HV detector starts annunciation with flashing Red LEDs and buzzer beeps indicating that the line is LIVE and not safe to earth and carry on any operations

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  • Designed for 230V to 33KV AC 50 HZ overhead lines, panels, bus bars and similar installations
  • Indicates the presence of HIGH VOLTAGE by audio as well as visual annunciation with flashing Red LEDs
  • Buzzer produces a loud beep which is audible even in loud noisy backgrounds
  • Test button to test battery and proper functioning of HV detector
  • Supplied as a complete Kit with HV Detector Probe, Telescopic Insulation stick and ergonomically designed sturdy carry bag


Standard Accessories
  • Telescopic Insulation stick
  • Universal Link
  • Instruction Manual
  • Ergonomically designed sturdy Carry bag.
Optional Accessories
  • Software CD
  • Calibration Sheet
  • Carrying Bag