Motwane Digital micro ohm meter – LR -2065 with maximum 10A DC current injection, is useful for the measurement of very low resistance in micro ohms as low as 0.1μΩ. Mains cum rechargeable battery operated LR-2065, works on the proven principle of 4-wire measurements. The LR-2065 is having 4½ digit LCD display with resistance measurement range from 2mΩ to 20KΩ, with minimum resolution of 0.1 μΩ. The pulse mode operation is an additional feature. The LR-2065 can be used for measuring resistance of cables, wires, PCB’s Relays, LT bus-bar, Graphite electrode, Quality testing of resistive components, Low capacity motors etc.

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  • 4½ digit LCD display with annunciations.
  • Ranges: 2mΩ, 20mΩ, 200mΩ, 2000mΩ, 20Ω, 200Ω, 2000Ω & 20kΩ
  • Resolution 0.1 μΩ on 2 mΩ range.
  • Mains cum Battery operated (Rechargeable Ni-cd).
  • High measurement current of 10A for faster settling of measured values on low resistance.
  • True 4 wire resistance measuring technique eliminates lead resistance errors.
  • Pulse Mode, Auto Hold Operation.
  • Low Battery indication to prevent deep discharge of internal recharging battery.


Standard Accessories
  • Test leads with GP Kelvin clip
  • Test leads with Crocodile clip
  • Mains Cord
  • Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories
  • Test lead 10-metre-long with heavy duty crocodile clip
  • C Clamp with 10-metre-long leads
  • Test leads with heavy duty bond testing probe