The Motwane MOT- OTS semi automatic series offer up 60kV, 80kV & 100kV models for accurate & precise measurement of dielectric strength of silicon, mineral & plant oil. The compact & rugged design makes it ideal in industrial environment. It is provided with motorized & manual modes to continuously vary output voltage. The MOT-OTS has automatic 2kV/s voltage rise rate & magnetic stirrer as per requirement of IS/IEC standard.

The most important function of insulating oit is to provide electrical insulation under high electrical potential. The dielectric strength of insulting oil is a measure of the oil’s ability of withstand electrical stress without failure. Any significant reduction in the dielectric strength will indicate that the oil is no longer able to perform this vital function, leading to failure of the equipment.

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  • Comes in 3 variant OTS-100, OTS-80 & OTS-60
  • Compact & rugged design
  • Variable output voltage by manual/motorized mode
  • Safety door interlock
  • 500ml acrylic oil test cell with protection cover
  • Stainless steel/brass electrodes for better accuracy & durability
  • Electrodes with locking facility to avoid displacement during test
  • Automatic high voltage shutdown at breakdown point
  • Memory effect Analog voltmeter for reading BDV
  • Suitable for conducting tests as per IS 6792


Standard Accessories
  • Test cell with mushroom electrodes
  • Mains cord
  • GO & NO GO gauge
  • Operation Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Warrenty Certificate
  • Stirrer