The Motwane’s PCRM-100SM is DC contact resistance meter designed for accurate & reliable results at very reasonable cost. The instrument is based on kelvin 4-wire connection method for measurement of low resistance. PCRM-100SM has 100A DC test current suitable for testing Circuit breakers, Bus bar, Isolator & cables etc. It has dual ground feature considering safety of operator & equipment. PCRM-100SM is very lightweight & portable with heavy duty test leads with C clamps & crocodile clips to suit different applications.

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  • Direct mV drop reading
  • 100A DC test current
  • Ranges: 200 μΩ, 2000μΩ.
  • Minimum resolution of 0.1μΩ
  • Internal memory of 99 test results
  • Light weight and portable
  • Dual grounding for safety


Standard Accessories
  • 15mtr heavy duty leads set with C Clamp 75mm opening
  • Master Earthing lead set (5mtr)
  • Power Cord
  • User manual
  • Calibration Certificate
Optional Accessories
  • 22mtr heavy duty lead set
  • C Clamp 50mm Jaw size
  • C Clamp 100mm jaw size
  • Heavy duty crocodile clip 32mm Jaw size