Transformers are expensive equipment most critical in the power systems. It is crucial to monitor the vital parameters periodically to prevent catastrophic failures.

Fault-mitigation strategies for transformers
Certain faults in transformers develop due to power system disturbances, in the space of seconds or milliseconds. The principal aim in such cases is to minimize the degree of damage to the equipment and to protect the rest of the system from the effects of the fault. However, there are certain faults which build up over days, weeks or even years. In such cases, the aim would be to diagnose them in incipient stage and plan the equipment outage for refurbishment, replacement and avoid revenue losses.

Which parameters should be monitored?
The study of the power systems and power equipment failures, of a large installed base of these assets across the globe, over the period of time has revealed the type and frequency of failures and possible reasons for the same. Global technical bodies, operators of power systems and grids and OEMs have laid down the parameters to be monitored periodically. Motwane has the test equipment your transformer needs for monitoring all these parameters.

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